Known for his refined flavors and meticulous technique, whatever Chef Keane is doing explores balance. The umami of sizzling meat with the brightness of acid. The elevated with the accessible. Masterful technique with easy execution. His encompassing approach is the simple philosophy of "shibumi," grounded in the working-class ethos of his upbringing in Dearborn, Michigan. "Shibumi is a Japanese word meaning refined simplicity, simple elegance, unobtrusive beauty, and quiet perfection. And chefs have to remember that cooking is ultimately blue-collar work aimed at making good food for people. I'm always seeking that balance."

Test Kitchen

Located in the center of picturesque Healdsburg, Douglas' test kitchen serves as a home base for experimentation and augments kitchen capacity for his different operations. Built three years after Cyrus' opening, the space was specially equipped for butchery and baking the delicious bread and pastries that were part of the legend of Cyrus. These days, he's testing out wings and sauce recipes with all the test kitchen conveniences at hand and potential to pursue new ideas as they arise.

Healdsburg Bar & Grill

With its burger voted one of Food and Wine Magazines 25 Best in the U.S., Healdsburg Bar & Grill (aka HBG) is a buzzing, casual American eatery where Keane elevates classic dishes and creates an ambience people want to come back to. As always, high quality ingredients - from a fresh, toasted, sourdough bun by local Costeaux Bakery to serve up the burger, to truffle oil to accent the crispy fries, or all-natural Humboldt Creamery ice-cream in creamy milk shakes - shape the menu. "The HBG burger is inspired by the one served at Miller's Bar, where I grew up in Dearborn, Michigan. It's all umami, and part of an approachable menu and friendly experience for anyone."

Keane on Ingredients iOS App

Chef Douglas Keane shows how to get the maximum flavor out of ingredients in this instructional iPhone/iPad app, coming this year. Starting with some of his favorites, he makes it easy to use new ingredients like konbu (seaweed) and ginger, and provides fresh techniques and tastes for familiar ingredients like chicken and corn. "I love teaching classes and an app is a way to share that experience with more people, and provide a tool that they can go back to again and again."

DK Wings

At DK Wings, Douglas and team focus on one thing – hot, crispy, juicy chicken wings. Following the Japanese approach of specializing in one thing and making it perfect, DK Wings offers gourmet wings and a pickle bar featuring Sonoma Brinery pickles along with Keane's own fermented recipes. "Chicken is magical. When cooked right, it drops a delicious little umami bomb and the pickled items give you the acid and flavor that are a perfect compliment." This fast-casual concept combines fine-dining level technology and the tastes that Keane is known for to deliver a high-quality, high-value experience for diners.


Chef Keane's flagship restaurant for eight years in Healdsburg, California, Cyrus garnered a litany of local and national awards, including seven years with two stars from The Michelin Guide and four stars from The San Francisco Chronicle. "With Cyrus, I was seeking perfection. I wanted to execute a perfectly choreographed dance with lots of flavor and over-the-top ingredients that would transport people for three hours."

Green Dog Rescue Project

Douglas is active every day with the hands-on training and rehabilitation of his four legged friends at Green Dog Rescue. His love of dogs started early on. "They were like friends when I was growing up. They're incredibly loyal, and you can understand them and trust them. But they can't talk for themselves." As co-founder of Green Dog, Douglas works to give a voice to these animals that have been abandoned and creates a space that allows them to flourish in their natural social order, as a pack.

Project Archive

Shimo was rooted in the tradition of great steakhouses like Peter Luger's in Brooklyn, offering superb steak in shareable portions, balanced with Chef Keane's distinctive take on Japanese-style sides like house-cured kimchi and chilled asparagus with togarashi and yuzu béarnaise.

A small, casual eatery in Napa Valley, still successful today under the ownership of Chef Eduardo Martinez since 2008. It was Chef Keane's first venture with partner and front-of-house master Nick Peyton while they envisioned their luxury restaurant that would become Cyrus.