"Working for a cause is just part of my DNA. My father was a lawyer who was the first to fight for surrogate parenting. That, plus growing up in the Midwest really instilled the value of doing the right thing, having compassion, and taking a stand for what's important."

Green Dog Rescue Project

Green Dog Rescue Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping dogs thrive by socializing in a pack, as nature meant it to be. They aim to alleviate the stress experienced by dogs coming from a shelter environment, where they are confined in small cubicles that stress these already anxious at being homeless, but naturally social animals.

The pack model provides a healthier social, physical, and psychological environment resulting in balanced dogs, making them more adoptable and better equipped to succeed in our human world. Green Dog offers workshops, pre-surrender counseling, pre-adoption counseling including matchmaking, post-adoption support including in-home training, internships, volunteer programs, and rehabilitation for unbalanced and "at risk" dogs.

Their larger goal is to revolutionize the shelter paradigm with a business model that is more effective financially, and that gets better results for dogs, families and the communities in which they live.

Douglas, in addition to being a top chef, is a certified dog trainer and is active every day with the hands-on training and rehabilitation of his four legged friends at Green Dog Rescue. His connection with animals started early with dogs especially becoming loyal, trusting friends when he was growing up. As co-founder of Green Dog, Douglas works to give to animals that have been abandoned and create a space that allows them to flourish.

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Photo caption: Doug and Finnie at home. "Finnegan arrived at a local vet's office and was going to be put down because he needed two knee replacement surgeries. His gait is a little wonky because of the replacements, but he's got the energy and spirit of a lovable puppy. He's exactly the kind of dog who deserves a second chance and just a little special care."